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Narek Nersisyan was born on May 21, 1988 and is an Armenian actor and a composer, best known for the mono-performance “Lucien Luc” - orig. L’accompagnateaur (The Accompanist) by French playwright Marcel Mithois.

Narek was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia and is the grandchild of a USSR Academy Award actor, Babken Nersisyan. His father, Mamikon Nersisyan was a language specialist and mother, Zhanna Markosyan a TV program director. 

Narek attended Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema in Yerevan, Armenia. Being a very artistic and creative person, Narek embarked on an acting career from age 10 working in TV entertainment programs, theaters and by the age of 16 he decided to go into acting. 

In 2000, still a student at Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema, he started his creative activities at the State Comedy Musical Theater named after H. Paronyan.  He quickly became one of the leading actors of the theater. Narek has acted in many famous plays that participated in the worldwide known festivals; such as, Gdansk Shakespear Festival where he along with his colleagues presented one of Shakespear's plays, “The Twelveth Night”. 

In 2011, for the role in the monoperformance "Lucien Luc" (by French playwright Marcel Mithois “L’accompagnateur"), Narek was awarded the most prestigious Armenian Theatrical award "Artavazd" for the best young actor of the year. The monoperformance has drawn the attention of many festival organizers from all over the world.  Narek also caught the attention of France Embassy in Armenia which supported him to play the same performance in French.  In the spring of 2012, Narek presented "Lucien Luc" in French which was a great success.

Narek also graduated from Sayat Nova Musical School and was a member of the best choirs of Armenia; Hayastani Poqrik Yergichner (Armenian Little Singers) for many years.  He is not only a singer but also a composer.  His educational background allows him to compose music for many theatrical performances.

Since 2006, Narek has played in several feature and short films which participated in the most famous and prestigious film festivals all over the world; such as, Berlin International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Sundance International Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival and etc.

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In 2012, Narek was casted in the leading role of Gor (antagonist, ambitious guy whose appearance makes everything upside down) in a new film-project "The Romanticists" by Areg Azatyan and Shoghik Tadevosyan. The film gained enormous attention from many producers abroad and received huge support from Goteburg Film Foundation. Moreover, world premiere of “The Romanticists” will take place in Gotenburg Film Festival on January 26, 2014. 

Narek was the first Armenian actor who twice participated in Berlin International Film Festival. Initially he participated in 2011, during the premiere of feature film "HERE" by Braden King. And again in 2012, he participated in Berlinale Talent Campus. Berlinale Talent Campus is a creative academy and networking platform which also offers a huge variety of program elements for actors, directors, cinematographers, editors, etc. The organization gives a great opportunity for talented people from all over the world to network with experts in the industry.  Every year, the organization receives over 7500 applications and only 350 applicants get an opportunity to participate at the Berlinale Talent Campus.  Narek was one of the participants in 2012. 

Narek is also involved in charity work; he is a volunteer at different convalescent homes helping and entertaining the elder people who are frail or experiencing some level of dementia.  He helps at lunch clubs or day centers by serving teas, lunches and most of the time assists with games and entertains the elderly by singing.